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Euskal Herria is the oldest documented Basque name for the area they inhabit, dating from the 16th century. The region is home to the Basque people Basque : Euskaldunak , their language Basque : Euskara , culture and traditions. The area is neither linguistically nor culturally homogeneous, and certain areas have a majority of people who do not consider themselves Basque, such as the south of Navarre. The name in Basque is Euskal Herria. The name is difficult to accurately translate into other languages due to the wide range of meanings of the Basque word herri.

It can be translated as nation; country, land; people, population and town, village, settlement. The two earliest references in various spelling guises are in Joan Perez de Lazarraga ‘s manuscript, dated around — as eusquel erria code: eus promoted to code: eu and eusquel erriau code: eus promoted to code: eu and heuscal herrian code: eus promoted to code: eu ‘in the Basque Country’ and Heuscal-Herrian in Joanes Leizarraga ‘s Bible translation, published in The term Basque Country refers to a collection of regions inhabited by the Basque people, known as Euskal Herria in Basque language, and it is first attested as including seven traditional territories in Axular ‘s literary work Gero he goes on to suggest that Basque language is spoken “in many other places” , in the early 17th century.

Some Basques refer to the seven traditional districts collectively as Zazpiak Bat , meaning “The Seven [are] One”, a motto coined in the late 19th century. However, this summary presentation makes it hard to justify the inclusion of a few communes in the lower Adour region.

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Through this portal, for the first time you can access from a single place to the relevant information on all the scientific institutions in Euskadi. In this way, any researcher who works in Euskadi or wants to come here, will find in a single web all the relevant information about Euskadi such as scientific research centers, job offers, a complete map of scientific infrastructures within their reach and a directory of hundreds of research groups, as well as information about the Euraxess service center, a European initiative to help scientists who move to different European regions, including Euskadi.

Access up-to-date information on all research centers, job offers and exclusive services for scientists on a single website:.

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Since then, it has held its Convention on the protection of world cultural and natural heritage at which, if a place or monument is considered especially valuable for humanity, it is named a World Heritage Site. A place with exceptional universal value, when named a World Heritage Site, becomes a protected legacy, which we have received from the past and which we must conserve and safeguard for future generations. Deba, Mutriku and Zumaia are to be congratulated.

The first vestiges are traced back to , years BC and some significant cave paintings have been found dating back to before 35, years BC. They were.

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Basque Translator & Interpreter

The Basque language, also known as Euskara is a language isolate, the only remnant of the languages spoken in Southwestern Europe before the region was Romanised in the 1 st and 2 nd centuries BC. The Basque lexicon varies greatly among dialects, many words being restricted to single valleys or towns. The Basque country is an autonomous community in northern Spain with strong, cultural traditions, a celebrated cuisine and a distinct language that pre-dates the Romance languages. The vibrant riverside city of Bilbao is a hub of architecture and design, where gritty factories and shipyards give way to cutting-edge landmarks such as the Guggenheim Museum, along a revitalised waterfront.

The 19 th century philologist Hugo Schuchardt posited a genetic connection between Basque, Iberian a long-extinct language of Spain and the Afro-asiatic languages. But in the period we are referring to, Euskara came from nowhere else; it was already there at the time the other languages arrived.

Start date and end of the commitment: 1st September, – June Lead implementing agency/actor Gipuzkoa Provincial Council Commitment description​.

Translating into Basque is essential to approaching a community with its own identity, where institutions and society are enhancing the use of the Basque language. In this regard, if companies wish to bring their products and services closer to the industrial, the service and the local government sectors of the Basque Country, the use of Basque may be the key to success. Currently, one of the key pillars responsible for the economic growth of the companies in the Basque Country is internationalization, as well as attracting foreign investors to the community.

This makes it necessary to professionally translate the documents, information, and content needed to develop economic activities with the Basque Country. At the moment, there are approximately one million Basque speakers, but this number is on the rise. When you ask us for a translation into Basque, we assign you a native Basque translator with experience in your sector. Every Basque translator must meet the following requirements:.

The customers who mostly request professional translations from Basque to other languages like English, French, German, etc. We also provide translation into Basque for international companies that are investing and expanding into the Basque Country. In this regard, we offer our clients professional and native Basque translators, who provide translations with the highest level of quality.

We receive requests for Basque translation of different types of documents, such as contracts, press releases, catalogs, product descriptions, annual reports, articles, books, apps, instruction manuals, web pages, e-commerce sites, short stories, etc.

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