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Simple and basic stuff:. People look for people near then, so its better to make each country subdomain oriented. User will choose any of available languages all languages will be available for all countries. Please note that not only static texts, messages, mail templates So keep it in mind to create the multilingual relacional database structure. Of course texts entered by users such as profile descriptions, messages, etc. Default languages is English and will be always active and can not be deleted.

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The time can be formatted with or without seconds, and it can be set to European or US format. If only the timestamp is submitted it will return the time without seconds formatted for the U. This function can take a number poorly-formed date formats and convert them into something useful. It also accepts well-formed dates.

It is easier to add pagination using pagination library in CodeIgniter. $this->​session->userdata(‘search’); } } // Row per page $rowperpage = 5; easily enable date selection to the form element using Bootstrap datepicker if.

The map in this tutorial displays two kinds of markers to differentiate between the location of restaurants and bars respectively. A database in MySQL stores information about the individual marker locations like the type of place whether it’s a restaurant or a bar , its name, address and geographic coordinates. The map retrieves this information from the database, through an XML file that acts as an intermediary between the database and the map. Click a marker on the map below to display an info window with the location name and address.

The markers have the labels ‘R’ or ‘B’, and they show you the locations of restaurants and bars respectively. Create a table in MySQL containing attributes of the markers on the map, like the marker id , name , address , lat , lng , and type. The id attribute serves as the primary key, and the type attribute distinguishes between restaurants and bars.

To keep the storage space for your table at a minimum, you can specify the lat and lng attributes to be floats of size 10,6. This allows the fields to store 6 digits after the decimal, plus up to 4 digits before the decimal. The screenshot below displays the table setup in phpMyAdmin. You can import the marker data into the SQL database using the ‘Import’ functionality of the phpMyAdmin interface which allows you to import data in various formats.

At this point, you should have a table named markers containing the map marker data.

Pagination with Search Filter in CodeIgniter

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development platform targets, set out the structure of the website and the function techniques of PHP framework (CodeIgniter) and jQuery. Another create form elements, file helper that assist in working with files, date helper that help you.

Edit Report a Bug. I ran into an issue using a function that loops through an array of dates where the keys to the array are the Unix timestamp for midnight for each date. The loop starts at the first timestamp, then incremented by adding seconds ie. However, Daylight Saving Time threw off the accuracy of this loop, since certain days have a duration other than seconds. I worked around it by adding a couple of lines to force the timestamp to midnight at each interval.

The following script will do the conversion either way. If you give it a numeric timestamp, it will display the corresponding date and time. If you give it a date and time in almost any standard format , it will display the timestamp. Installed: ‘. I wanted to find all records in my database which match the current week for a call-back function.

CodeIgniter User Guide Version 2.2.6

Remove Export as a flash plugin for security reasons and instead add a download link. Multiple delete fields for flexibility for future themes. Fixing the bug of jquery form plugin with returning the textarea as required. This method is useful when the path is not specified correctly. Like hidden, enum and set.

Fixed a bug (#) – Date Helper function nice_date() didn’t handle YYYYMMDD Fixed a bug (#) – Pagination Library set the wrong page number on the.

After unzipping the CodeIgniter folder you will get a file hierarchy of CodeIgniter files as shown below. Application folder is the main development folder for you where you will develop your project. It contains your models, views, controllers, configuration and many other files. It contains all the code of the project you are working on. Look at the above snapshot, autoload. In config. In database.

In routes. Name of the controller class file will always start with an uppercase letter. For example, it will be named like Main. All action of CodeIgniter application happens here.

Show total amount month and year wise CodeIgniter framework PHP

Databases are living entities. They grow as time passes by. When designing applications, we need to take into consideration the many records that the users will have to browse through.

The teacher first selects class activities from a list of board-approved options and schedules a date for each. Then, parents register on the site.

As a member of Amazon Associates program, I earn a small commission when you purchase products through our links at no additional cost to you. It helps keep this site running and allows us to create better content. Now that we have created our database table, it’s time to setup our frontend actions that allow us to add events. View previous parts:. For this tutorial, we’ll be using Bootstrap’s modal display. It’s a seamless fade-in area that allows us to keep the user on the same page as the calendar and present them with a form.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, it’ll all make sense soon! In order to use Bootstrap’s modal component, we need to include Bootstrap’s javascript library:. Now we just copy and paste the bootstrap modal form into our HTML. You can find the default code on bootstrap. This is the default modal form.

Before we make any changes to it, we need to modify the code so that when you click on an event in the FullCalendar, the modal will popup. In order to do this, we need to modify the dayClick event in FullCalendar.

How to Get Current Date Time in CodeIgniter | Date Helper

Its goal is to enable you to create full-featured web applications much faster than you could if you were writing code from scratch! It offers a simple interface and a logical structure. Basically, Codeigniter lets you creatively focus on your project by minimizing the amount of code needed for a given task. Because of its simplicity, security, and flexibility, Codeigniter makes for an awesome integration platform for any website. It has easy templating and plugins for most of the templating engines.

Codeigniter is fast, reliable, lightweight and more capable.

As a CodeIgniter developer, sometimes you end up in a situation that placeholder with the actual date before the output of any page in our.

When used together, they form a powerful foundation for rapidly developing usable Web sites and applications. This article shows how to integrate these two systems into a single framework and how to use jQuery to improve the UI of an existing Web application. It assumes that you have both CodeIgniter version 1. In addition, you need the jQuery library version 1. One of the most important aspects of Web 2. Specifically, interaction with the Web page doesn’t require “visual communication” with the Web server—for example, click Submit, wait for the Web server to process the submitted information, then the entire Web page refreshes with updated content.

How to change date format in PHP Codeigniter?

This pattern allows information to be retrieved, inserted, and updated in your database with minimal scripting. In some cases only one or two lines of code are necessary to perform a database action. CodeIgniter does not require that each database table be its own class file. It instead provides a more simplified interface.

Fullcalendar with PHP and CodeIgniter – Adding Events – Part 3 us to keep the user on the same page as the calendar and present them with a form. just clicked on (to show the user what date they are adding an event to).

Returns the current time as a Unix timestamp, referenced either to your server’s local time or GMT, based on the “time reference” setting in your config file. If you do not intend to set your master time reference to GMT which you’ll typically do if you run a site that lets each user set their own timezone settings there is no benefit to using this function over PHP’s time function.

The benefit of doing dates this way is that you don’t have to worry about escaping any characters that are not date codes, as you would normally have to do with the date function. The first parameter must contain the format, the second parameter must contain the date as a Unix timestamp. Takes a Unix timestamp referenced to GMT as input, and converts it to a localized timestamp based on the timezone and Daylight Saving time submitted.

The time can be formatted with or without seconds, and it can be set to European or US format. If only the timestamp is submitted it will return the time without seconds formatted for the U. The opposite of the above function. Takes a “human” time as input and returns it as Unix. This function is useful if you accept “human” formatted dates submitted via a form. The first parameter must contain a Unix timestamp.

File structure in CodeIgniter

PHP: The Right Way is an easy-to-read, quick reference for PHP popular coding standards, links to authoritative tutorials around the Web and what the contributors consider to be best practices at the present time. There is no canonical way to use PHP. This website will also not tell you which tools to use, but instead offer suggestions for multiple options, when possible explaining the differences in approach and use-case.

During website/application development you’ll need to retrieve current date and time in places where you want to keep track of site users last.

Some time ago, a client called me and asked me to tell him when someone had logged in and out of the network. It was a reasonable request but it presented a challenge for which I had to develop a quick solution. In developing the application, I made use of a PHP language framework, called CodeIgniter, that I have been using successfully for my development project.

The purpose of this article is to show you how I solved the problem and, at the same time, introduce you to CodeIgniter, a lightweight, easy to use PHP framework that you can use to build high quality, robust, PHP web sites and applications. On its face, the problem does not seem to be that difficult. After all, all you should have to do is check the security event log on the server to retrieve the requested information.

There are, unfortunately, two problems with that approach:. Given the nature of the problem, the solution seemed to be to write something simple. I wanted the client to be able to access the records from any computer and for the report to be user friendly. Accordingly, a database with a Web app front end seemed just the ticket. There were several reasons for the choice:.

Using MySQL and PHP with Google Maps

Pagination gets complicated when to find specific groups of records when there is a large number of records are available. By adding a search filter with pagination makes easier for the user to easily find records e. Enter search value in the textbox e. PHP, jQuery and click the submit button. View in a new tab.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our I want to send start and end date to controller to get only records from that interval.

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