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Shot last month near the town of Czocha, Poland, the polished footage shows about robed and pointy-hatted Potterites commandeering a local castle to host the world’s largest and most intricate J. And thanks to the intense and sophisticated LARPing community and resources of Northern Europe, this fantastical reality is set to open its doors once more next spring. People role-play Harry Potter all the time, and the College of Wizardry organizers openly admit on the event’s website that what they’re doing is just an extension of daydreaming or make-believe. The immersive detail of this magical reality is something you’d probably never be able to create in the American LARPing world. Here simulations are more weekend-warrior fantasy creations —a lot of slash-and-hack battles giving folks an opportunity to channel some aggression into foam swords and fireballs. It’s the sort of thing you’ll see in the film Knights of Badassdom. But the Poles and their neighbors devote serious time and energy to developing new worlds, not just battles. The Poles have wanted to pull off a massive Harry Potter LARP for ages , but they never had the resources to hire a castle and create all the kit. Rollespilsfabrikken, an association of 1, dues-paying members with a physical headquarters and armory in Copenhagen, is just one of dozens of Danish LARP organizations partially funded by state grants.

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Let go and immerse yourself into a 19th century world of magic, mystery and intrigue… Located at the Le Pavillion Hotel in New Orleans, The Armistice Arcane is an all-inclusive weekend where you will be immersed in the 19th century, exploring relationships, forming alliances, and discovering just how far you are willing to push the limits of social acceptability. Be the Hero of a Mythic Quest! Since , Renaissance Adventures has run award-winning live-action. After decades of blood and disaster, peace has finally settled over humanity.

Make new friends. Share costume tips. Basically, have fun with other people who get i. dating sites; Larp; larp passions; live-action roleplaying; Nerd News.

Cosplay Site specifically for singles with a passion for Costume Play. Whether you view Cosplay as performance art, acting, playful fantasy, masquerade or just a fun way to show off your individuality, this is the place for you. Share costume design tips. Meet others who can appreciate the effort involved in Cosplay costume design and character development. Meet others who appreciate the theater involved in acting IC In Character. Make new friends.

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Indeed, the Live Action Role Players who recreate medieval villages, Lord of The Rings -style adventures, and so on deserve a chance to enjoy some Game of Thrones hotness. LARP Passions allows users to choose specific options for the “hobbies” section like painting and wine tasting, as well as pole dancing, robotics, and mime.

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The dating website “Larpingpersonals” is in the Hobby- / Special Interest Dating category. This site welcomes people with straight, gay and.

Subscriber Account active since. Every year, Pennsylvania-based Alliance sees around 50 to new faces. According to Todd, a higher-up in Alliance, new players tend to be college-age or recent graduates. For the lifers, LARPing becomes their main social outlet. According to Michael Ventrella, a founder of Alliance, dating is common among LARPers and there have been more than a few weddings of people who met there. Some of the veterans have been around for so long their kids sometimes come to events.

While visiting Alliance, I met players who work in biomedical engineering, tech, insurance, cybersecurity, law, healthcare, and accounting. Lauren grew up in Pennsylvania and attended nearby Binghamton University. At college, Lauren was heavily involved with Humans vs. Zombies, a popular live-action game played at colleges across the US.

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Or some mash-up — say, a steampunked brigand Robin Hood character who pilots a dirigible while stealing from the rich and giving the poor. Or a dwarf who’s in love with a werewolf. Or name your universe. In LARP live-action role-playing , you can be all that you can be. As Huey Lewis once sung, it’s hip to be square.

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If you’ve never LARPed before, you probably at least have passing familiarity with the concept of it. Live-action role-playing is basically a real-world kind of Dungeons and Dragons; it’s World of Warcraft unplugged. Participants make up fantastic characters complete with a history and personality; they design costumes and weapons, forge alliances, stoke rivalries and play out their chosen scenarios. These scenarios can range from Lord of the Rings -style high fantasy with wizards and elves to dark horror with vampires and werewolves.

A LARP is limited only by the imaginations of those participating and maybe the weather. As with many aspects of geek culture, LARP has often been the butt of jokes. That said, it wasn’t so long ago that the idea of meeting someone to date on the internet was the nerdiest thing people could conceive of, but it’s much more popular now. But just because it’s goofy to some people doesn’t mean it’s not a boatload of fun to others, and there’s a lot about LARP that people on the outside have no idea about, both good and bad.

For reasons we may never be able to fully figure out, nerd culture is often mostly associated with men. Very rarely are women folded into the mix, probably because of some weird nerd sexism. Women can love nerdy things like men, and they do. And this is just as true in the world of LARP as everywhere else. In they were rocking attendance numbers around 3, To be sure, men are the majority, but there are strong contingents of women LARPing in many countries.

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LARP is for everyone, so be civil. That means don’t post rude or prejudiced comments here about any larper or larp. When mentioning a LARP please include the location in brackets. Describe what you’re looking for, and search the web and the subreddit before posting. Even if you don’t find what you’re looking for, telling us what you found that didn’t meet your needs will help.

Pretend Play. LarpCast Hollywood Casting Call – Larpers to be featured on a dating show Live Action, LarpCraft Live Action Roleplay Website. Live Action.

Do you love mullets? Do you have a mullet? You can filter dating results based on the type of mullet there are types?! Join groups or make posts in forums to talk about…hopefully something other than just mullets. Group topics include book and video game topics. Users can also search by gender and orientation, meaning all people are welcome to fill out a profile! Preview profiles can be accessed for free, so you can look through a few by state and decided beforehand if you really want to join.

LARPing, or Live Action Role Playing, is a role-playing game in which people assume the personality of a fictional character and physically portray that character’s actions in a fantasy realm set in the real world. Does this sound like your cup of tea?

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