Depressed elephant at Warsaw Zoo to receive experimental cannabis oil treatment

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UP Officials Discover 5-Million-Year-Old Elephant Fossils While Scouting for New Tiger Reserve

It is a truism that politics makes for strange bedfellows, but there is evidence that it also makes for normal bedfellows. Political scientists and sociologists have sought to understand what drives this homogeneity. Do people seek partners who have similar political beliefs? Are shared politics a side effect of other factors, such as shared religious beliefs? A recent article in the Journal of Politics by Gregory Huber, Yale professor of political science, and Neil Malhotra, a professor of political economy at Stanford University, offers fresh insight into these questions.

The researchers found evidence that people are more inclined to seek dating partners who have similar political characteristics as them but that other factors, such as religion or race, are more significant in determining relationships than political similarity.

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On the Elephant Seal Dating Scene, It’s All About Bravado

Angie Richards met husband Brian on a dating site seven years ago and said his deformities never put her off after other women were scared off. A woman married to a sufferer of the ‘Elephant Man’ disease has told how the condition doesn’t scare her – after they met through online dating. Angie Richards, 34, from Delaware, US, found love with husband Brian after the pet met through a dating website in Mr Richards was diagnosed with Proteus syndrome – an ultra-rare disease made famous by the inspiration behind The Elephant Man film Joseph Merrick – when he was three years old.

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Julie Sanchez, a business operations consultant in Orcutt, Calf. Sanchez, 59, a registered Democrat, described the situation. Sanchez and her husband, a Republican and straight-party voter, had never discussed government affairs when dating, and early in their marriage they were too busy raising three children to make such debates a priority.

Lately it has become increasingly difficult for them to converse without discussions turning contentious. Sanchez said. For many couples, fighting about politics has become more common. Jewell said. She is a liberal, while he identifies as extremely conservative. Pat Pierson, 72, a retired staffing executive in Denver, parted ways with her boyfriend of 12 years over conflicting opinions on the Trump administration. They fought about immigration and the repeal of DACA , a program that had protected young immigrants.

The breaking point came when local restaurants were given permission to open for inside dining and Ms. Pierson said she only felt safe outdoors.

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In India, few animals carry the kind of cultural symbolism that elephants do. Human-elephant interaction boasts a rich history dating back centuries. It is but natural that such a long association would also have encounters that do not end happily. The Hassan region, however, has been beset by human-elephant conflicts for years with a number of these encounters resulting in fatalities. But, thanks to resilient conservation efforts and smart application of technology in recent months, Hassan could soon be at peace with its elephants.

A fertile landscape comprising fragmented forest patches, coffee plantations and paddy fields, Hassan offers a rich and conducive topographical mosaic for elephants, a habitat generalist species known for travelling long distances.

We report ion microprobe U‐Pb dating of phosphates in lunar meteorite “​Elephant Moraine (EET),” which is a fragmental breccia.

Love is in the air on California beaches this time of year, when northern elephant seals arrive by the thousands for breeding season. Males make plenty of noise at Ano Nuevo State Reserve , north of Santa Cruz, but it sounds more like a chorus of motorcycles than the melodious sounds of Barry White. Now, researchers at the University of California Santa Cruz are decoding this complex communication system and learning how males use it to boost their reputation.

The unique calls of three male elephants seals: X, 1C and GL top to bottom. Photos and recordings: C. Male elephant seals are the size of an SUV — fifteen feet long and 4, pounds. There are plenty of available females this time of year, but most males will strike out. The dating scene is controlled by alpha males. You can spot the alpha males right in the middle of their groups of 10 to females.

300,000-year-old remains of towering elephant species discovered in Germany

After a death in the herd left young Fredzia struggling to cope, zoo keepers turned to an experimental new treatment they hope will relieve the effects of depression and anxiety in the mourning elephant. Erna, the largest female and elder of the African elephant enclosure at Warsaw Zoo , died in March, leaving behind three mourning younger companions to learn their new roles in a fractured group.

Fredzia in particular has found it difficult to adapt. Elephants might have behavioural problems when the structure of a group changes,” Dr Agnieszka Czujkowska, who leads the zoo’s Animal Rehabilitation department, told the BBC.

male elephant dating nationalgeographic. Female elephants thwart a male attempting to mate with a small female. Photo: Michael Nichols, Nat.

With a swimming pool and a three-acre garden there is plenty of room for the pitter-patter of not so tiny feet! The procedure, however, is a little more complicated than a photo-shopped selfie and a mutual love of long walks on the beach! The Asian elephants at Blackpool Zoo are part of the European Endangered Species Programme EEP , which is aimed at conserving healthy populations while safeguarding the genetic health of the animals.

An EEP is the most intensive type of population management for a species kept in zoos. A coordinator, who has specialist interest and knowledge of the Asian elephants, is currently working with the Species Committee and the team at Blackpool Zoo to identify the perfect partner. As well as assessing the detailed genetic information on all the animals concerned they also need to take into account lots of other factors.

Just like any other animal, each elephant has their own personality and everyone needs to get on to create a harmonious breeding family. So the temperament of the new male will be taken into consideration. In addition, his size and age will be considered, as well as if he has already bred successfully.

Once the team of dedicated experts have identified and agreed upon a suitable match the long and complicated procedure of his transfer will begin.

Can love survive this election?

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Taken from their natural environments and exploited for elephant and profits, captive elephants tamed for entertainment never truly experience a life free dating suffering and cruelty. Tinder interaction with captive elephants also regularly leads to injuries and fatalities of keepers and sometimes of visitors. Not Entertainers campaign , we engage with travel companies around the world, elephant the hidden cruelty behind the elephants at wild animal entertainment venues, to help bring about a world in which animals elephant free dating suffering.

To date, more than travel companies around the world including Education First, Thomas Cook, TripAdvisor, World Expeditions, and Extraordinary Journeys have ended the sale and promotion of elephant rides and shows by signing our elephant-friendly pledge or making a commitment to wildlife-friendly travel policies.

Online dating service elephants dating for elephants following outreach by World Animal Protection. July A elephants rides an elephant Dating forced into direct contact with people are anything but free. Further reading. Animals in the wild.

Illegal ivory mostly from recent elephant killings

Elephant poaching is alive and well — and the elephants are not. A team of scientists examining seized shipments of elephant ivory from Africa have found that the vast majority came from elephants that died within the last three years. Last year, in a study led by Samuel Wasser of the University of Washington, scientists analyzed the DNA locked in 28 large seizures of ivory at least half a ton each made between and

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Warsaw Zoo in Poland is experimenting by giving elephants CBD oil to see whether the substance improves their mood and reduces conflict among the herd. Warsaw Zoo announced on its website Thursday that it would conduct the experiment, which it hopes will improve the mood of the animals, with CBD oil producer Dobrekonopie. The oil, which does not have psychoactive properties, will be administered to two elephants: Fredzia, who is already being given it, and fellow female herd member Buba.

This has been the case with Fredzia, who has had difficulty readjusting following the death of the head of the herd, Erna, and has begun using a “tough trunk” mentality to try to assert her dominance over Buba. Warsaw Zoo veterinarian Agnieszka Czujkowska, who is leading the project, said CBD had already been used on dogs and horses, and zoo staff hope it might work on elephants as an alternative to medication.

The results could take months, she added. Conflicts can occur among elephants, she explained in a video , and “many factors can make an elephant feel uncomfortable and stressed” including a change of weather or environment. This in turn can lead to “undesirable” behavior. Like most zoos we do research and we monitor the level of stress hormones. Thanks to this we will know if the substances will help the elephants,” Czujkowska said. Connecticut officials are showing comedian John Oliver what they think about his rant about their city: They’re naming a sewage treatment plan….

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Poacher Who Killed 500 Elephants Sentenced to 30 Years in Jail

FEW megafauna are more charismatic than elephants, and that charisma gives them political clout. The rules on trading ivory, though, are hard to enforce, for if it comes from an animal killed before such trade is legal. Not surprisingly, a cottage industry in making ivory look older than it is has grown up. But a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , by Kevin Uno of the University of Utah and his colleagues, may deal with that.

What radiochemists call 14 C forms naturally in the atmosphere by the action of cosmic rays on nitrogen atoms. It has a half-life of 5, years, which makes it ideal for dating objects pertinent to human history, and it can do so to within a few decades of their true age—which is great for archaeology.

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The straight-tusked elephants Palaeoloxodon spp. Phylogenetic reconstructions using morphological traits have grouped them with Asian elephants Elephas maximus , and many paleontologists place Palaeoloxodon within Elephas. Here, we report the recovery of full mitochondrial genomes from four and partial nuclear genomes from two P.

Unexpectedly, nuclear and mitochondrial DNA analyses suggest that P. Species previously referred to Palaeoloxodon are thus most parsimoniously explained as having diverged from the lineage of Loxodonta , indicating that Loxodonta has not been constrained to Africa. Our results demonstrate that the current picture of elephant evolution is in need of substantial revision. Understanding how extinct species are related to each other or to their living relatives is often a difficult task.

Many extinct species have been identified only from incomplete fragments of some of their bones. However, even if complete skeletons have been found, determining the relationships between species can be tricky because researchers often have to rely solely on the shapes of the bones. It is sometimes possible to retrieve DNA sequences from fossil bones.

Zimbabwe Bull Elephant Crashes Into Tourists at Mana Pools